ROV Services Australia Underwater remotely operated vehicle

Your Local ROV Inspection Service

ROV Services Australia was established by James Parkinson, a highly experienced occupational diver and maritime archaeologist based in Adelaide. As a sought-after occupational dive supervisor, occupational dive trainer and maritime archaeologist, James has travelled widely to provide his expertise across Australia. 

Cost-Effective ROV Solutions

James established ROV Services Australia because he knew it would add real value to local industries requiring efficient ROV inspection services. As a local Adelaide business, ROV Services Australia provides fast, responsive, and cost-effective inspection solutions to State and Commonwealth Government, shipping companies, businesses, insurance companies, and private clients. With vast industry knowledge and experience, ROV Services Australia can provide the expert advice and professional service integrity needed for ROV inspections.

Experienced ROV Operators

With over 25 years experience in commercial diving and marine science, ROV Services Australia personnel have in-depth knowledge of the needs and demands of inspection services for a range of different sectors. ROV Services Australia personnel have worked on a range of projects across many sectors including, but not limited to:

  • Salvage projects (Including the Costa Concordia)
  • Mine projects
  • Pipeline projects
  • Aquaculture projects
  • Desalination plant inspection and maintenance projects
  • Marine science surveys
  • Maritime heritage surveys and excavations
  • Channel deepening projects (Port of Melbourne Corporation)
  • Renewable energy projects (North Sea wind farms)
  • Dam and reservoir asset inspection and maintenance (Melbourne Water)

Working With Local, National & Global Businesses

ROV Services Personnel have worked closely with local, national, and state governments, Shell Global, SA Water, the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology, BAE systems, Oz Minerals, DISA International, Professional Diving Services, South Australian Department of Environment and Water, Northern Territory Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture, Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment to name but a few. When you engage ROV Services Australia, you know you’ll be working with a highly experienced, proficient, and professional team.  All our inspections can be fully customised to your requirements and we welcome active client participation available via a live link.

BlueROV2 Heavy Configuration ROV With Ping 360 Sonar

As experienced underwater ROV operators, we know how important it is to get detailed and accurate information on assets which is why we utilise the very capable Blue Robotics BlueROV2 heavy configuration fully equipped with Ping 360 sonar. This configuration offers the capability to carry out a full range of inspections in a wide range of marine environments. With true six degrees of freedom, high definition (1080p) live video stream, on board 4K video camera, super-bright dimmable LED lighting (6000 lumens), our ROV provides outstanding manoeuvrability and the ability to capture high resolution, detailed imagery, even in low light conditions. 

ROV Services Australia Underwater remotely operated vehicle

ROV Capabilities

  • Operating depth – 100 to 300 metres tailored to clients requirements
  • Maximum speed – 1.5 m/s (3 knots) for fast and stable operation
  • Tether length – Currently 300m which can be customised to clients needs
  • Wide-angle lens – for excellent picture quality and low distortion
  • Ultra-bright lighting – 4 x 1500 lumen dimmable lights and a 135-degree beam angle to provide exceptional performance in low light environments
  • High definition – (1080p) live video stream and recording plus on-board 4K video camera.
  • Ping 360 Sonar – Used for navigation, obstacle avoidance, target location and tracking
  • Scientific sampling – heavy payload capabilities allow for additional testing equipment to be loaded and utilised during an inspection.