ROV Services Australia Underwater remotely operated vehicle

Aquaculture ROV Inspection Services

ROV Services Australia provides inspection surveys for the Aquaculture industry across Australia. Our ROV capabilities allow for accurate reporting and inspection of assets in both freshwater and marine environments.

Safe & Effective ROV Inspections

The use of ROV technology provides a safe and cost-effective way to view underwater assets quickly and easily. Our ROV operatives can help in any stage of the aquaculture cycle from seabed mapping to scout the ideal location for your fish farm to general maintenance and management of submerged assets. Our team is highly skilled at net inspections, underwater structural checks, and monitoring fish behaviour in the hatchery, nursery or grow-out pens.

Customised Aquaculture Inspections & Sampling

ROV Services Australia works closely with clients to determine the scope of an inspection and can add sampling and testing equipment to the ROV where needed. If you need fast, efficient, and affordable ROV solutions you can rely on ROV Services Australia to deliver a quality, professional service.